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Choosing Organic, Integrity Through Grocery Shopping

    Organic food is on the rise of being recognized and purchased more often, for conventional and GMO foods have been widely consumed worldwide, since it became popular years ago.  Decades ago, food was completely natural, farmers genuinely cared for the animals and the vegetables were grown using unmodified seeds.  Modernly, seeds are being genetically engineered to produce a larger crop as well as boost productivity and profits, by gene splicing in the lab.  Though the outcome of this may look like a harmless practice, the people and environment are in fact being affected by this.  GMO foods usually contain many pesticides, sprayed on the plants to keep the bugs away during the growth of these crops.  As the bugs do not like them, neither should we.  To say in the least, pesticides, along with bioengineered crops should not be trusted, nor consumed, and this is the same with preservatives.  Some harmful preservatives appear on packages within the grocery store as ingredients such as Nitrates, Sulfites, Mono-Glycerides And Di-Glycerides, and more.  The damage caused by these preservatives overall can be mild to life threatening especially commonly consumed over time.

    To cut to the chase, organic foods are grown without the use of pesticides, with a wise choice of fertilizers, and without the use of genetically engineered genes (which even sounds completely unnatural).  Organic is the wise choice because it is the basic practice of how food used to be grown, which is ultimately the healthiest, most natural way for crops to be handled and consumed.  Choosing organic not only comes with the benefits of eating foods with the most nutrients available on the planet, and enjoying the authentic full taste that comes with natural raw crops, but also it encourages all of the organic farmers that are helping the planet to be restored and handled with proper care.  The more we support our natural organic farmers, the more organic food will essentially be in high demand, therefore the cheaper the prices of these foods will ultimately become.  Knowing that we as individuals hold personal power to make an impact on the planet and our bodies with each and every one of our own choices, imagine if everyone began eating healthy, all natural organic foods once again? This ancient method contains the most effective yet simple way to protect our bodies as well as our planet collectively.  Change your habits for the better, feel incredible,  and watch the world change in correspondence also.

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