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Grounding Yourself Regularly

It is important to reflect on how you feel often.  The world has reached a time where life commonly seems fast paced, and many situations energetically are happening to people as well as environments.  Undergoing certain energies or being surrounded by negativity may lead to unsettling emotions such as anxiety, worry, panic, or feelings of apathy for example.

Some areas or surroundings can be soothing with positive energy, some can be flustered, imbalanced.  What we are all capable of individually and should embrace regularly as human beings is to ground ourselves internally.  To connect with the earth is to connect with ourselves, reaching a space within that allows us to handle any situation or external energy with ease while remaining calm and centered.  Obtaining this sustainable, peaceful state within yourself aids in enhancing your personal power within your energy field.

Trusting in the universe, believing that the Earth loves and cares for you truly, allows for you to embrace a collected state of being.  Take time for yourself to recoup, meditate for clarity, practice grounding yoga poses, breathe deep with lengthy breaths into your abdomen, all of these examples aid in connecting to yourself and the Earth.  Your cells will naturally adapt to these practices as you nurture and care for your being with pure internal intentions, accommodating your cells.

Grounding yourself will preform miraculous flows of essential energy within, during any given scenario or situation that may stumble into your life.  The outcome of this energy in your field proves wonders.  As you provide yourself with trust and self love daily your personal vibration will attract safety, love, opportunities, and positive energy into your life, situations and relationships.


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