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How your Personal Vibration is Affecting your Life

    Each and everything in the universe is vibrating on its own frequency. People, nature, sounds, living beings, and inanimate objects, all contain energy that consists of its own vibrational frequency. Even the objects that are seemingly solid are moving as well, at a lower rate, for dense objects hold a lower vibration, whereas with less weight accommodates a higher vibration. Vibrations are everywhere, bouncing and residing all around, and can be physically felt by the body, which also holds a personal vibrational frequency. Frequencies are very potent and affect everyone on a daily basis, these can harm the body or mind by being negative for instance if an argument takes place, or these vibrations can be harmonious and nurturing to the body, mind, and spirit. Beautiful, elevating vibrations can be felt in nature or by a person, home, area, country, etc. and can help in healing and recalibrating cells, due to humans natural energetic sensitivity to our environment and the energy that is within it.
    It is an exceptional idea to consistently raise your personal vibrational frequency, not only because you and others around you will reap the benefits of positive feelings, through extraordinary energy being expressed, but also because with this high valuable energy comes the personal power to attract more harmonious frequencies and vibrations to yourself. As humans we usually have an idea of what we wish to obtain, which may change often, partly due to the fluctuations of energy within the body and thoughts within the mind. To ensure that we are attracting what we wish to attract with love and positive intentions, it is important to raise your personal energies within the body, to ensure that your wishes are aligned with your heart and your mind, and this will ensure for goals and situations that will best suit yourself and what you truly want in life.
    Frequencies and the law of attraction coexist together, and go hand in hand as your vibrational frequency within the energetic field, that we each carry, is affected by energy, and these vibrations affect the thoughts and emotions, which allows situations to be introduced into your life. This is through the energy being emitted by your emotional body and this energy affects what you attract in life. This is why raising your energy and vibration is crucial in living the life you truly desire, accommodated by a steady balanced mind, body and spirit. In the event undesirable emotions may be triggered or expressed, understand that this energy is able to flow through the body, for its natural for every human to feel different energies, for energy is everywhere. The importance within these emotions is how we perceive them within ourselves.
    Emotions flow through the body as energy, emotions can be held onto longer if we identify with these emotions, if these feelings are not positive it may cause a self evaluating effect that may feel like you are being pulled down by your emotions. This is due to identifying with these feelings, rather than recognizing the presence of them, and allowing them to flow freely. The longer one holds onto negative emotions the lower ones vibration will become as this may take toll on the body and mind. By accepting and allowing these emotions to be expressed and flow with ease through the body, we allow undesirable emotions to pass quickly through profound awareness and we are denying resistance and allowing space for positive vibrations to fill ourselves, and this will raise the personal vibrational frequencies of ones self. As you attract positivity and embrace feelings such as gratitude, security, and self love, you truly begin to sustain a well balance high personal vibration, which will aid you in your journey.


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