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Reishi Mushroom, The Ancient “Immortality” Healing Herb

    Ganoderma Lucidum, also known as “Lingzhi” and “Reishi” mushroom is a potent ancient herb that has been around for thousands of years.  Traditionally used in China, Japan and Korea medicinally, this superfood is now moving West as well.  This powerful herb is referred to as “The mushroom of immortality”, “10,000 year mushroom”, and “Herb of spiritual potency”, and is shaped as a kidney with a red color.  It releases spores on the underside, which holds a concentrated component that allows this mushroom to affect the body so efficiently.

    In the modern age we are collectively living in, we are all individually at risk of being exposed to pathogens and toxic or foreign substances that have the potential to make one sick.  Reishi is now commonly being discovered more and more with the knowledge of the protective properties that this herb has on the immune system, allowing the body to remain healthy and unharmed by outside forces.  This herb is also effective in calming the nervous system, alleviating stress and tension within.

    It is important to note what triterpenoids are and how they play a huge role within this natural healing medicine.  These triterpenes are very concentrated within the spores of the mushroom and hold very potent active substances.  These substances have been proven to significantly aid in protecting the body from complications such as protease (the breakdown of essential proteins and peptides), tumors, and HIV-1, for instance.

    Triterpenoids are the main active component of Ganoderma spores.  Sold on the market today are concentrated extractions of these triterpenoids, such as triterpene crystals, also available to purchase for your immediate benefit is highly potent spore oil, and spore powders.  These three incredible superfoods have many benefits to the body, including slowing down the aging process, fighting infections, disease, cancer, etc. and can actually be purchased exclusively at therawfoodworld.com under keyword “Reishi”.  These products can be used daily (with intake recommendations,) and are an excellent choice to begin reclaiming nurtured health, and utilizing within your daily life and routine.

    Reishi can also be made into tea using dried Reishi, and can be found in stores as Reishi drinks such as hot chocolate and coffee, making this herb a perfect elixir to enjoy throughout our day to day living.  As previously mentioned, Ganoderma Lucidum is an excellent way to reverse the aging process, with simple science behind this.  Through consumption of this ancient herb, the thoughts and fears of aging can be subsided and allow us to be empowered and confident about the strength of our skin and body.  How does this mushroom slow down aging? Oxidative stress occurs as an imbalance of free radicals (which damage cells in the body) and antioxidants.   Free radicals cause harm to cellular proteins, DNA, and membranes by stealing their electrons.  Antioxidants fight free radicals and prevent them from causing damage.  Ganoderma Lucidum supplies incredible antioxidants and protects cellular DNA from the oxidant damage that causes aging.

    Utilize this ancient herb and experience a calm, centered energy within while reaping the benefits of having a healthy nervous system and immune system.  Prevent harmful conditions from affecting you by protecting overall health naturally and also expose the mind to clarity and focus.  Allow Reishi to help nourish the spirit and enjoy empowering vitality physically, mentally, and spiritually.    

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