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The 8 Moon Phases Impact Your Life Journey

    Astrologically we are constantly being affected and energetically influenced by the Universe and what resides within it.  The cosmos, the sun, planetary alignments for examples, all play a huge role in life on Earth, as well as our inner being.  Our emotional and energetic bodies are connected to the energies within the universe.

    The Moon is an energy emitting wonder which contains phases that actually help us learn, grow, let go, replenish, and build new beginnings for ourselves.  These are just a few examples of how the moon impacts our life on the planet.  We are consistently receiving accommodations in alignment with our life through the moons casted energies.  A general understanding of these phases and how they affect us as humans makes it easier to jive with the Universe and apply this knowledge into our lives accordingly.

    Beginning with the “New Moon”, the name of this phase directly corresponds to its truth; the phase that brings new beginnings.  This is an ideal time to embrace a fresh start, and plant seeds in the fresh growing cycle.  Set your personal intentions during this phase, preparing you for the next steps.

    The next phase, the “Crescent Moon” is preparing you to take charge.  Growth is occurring at this time, and what you intend should be envisioned carefully and strongly.  Hold onto your vision.  This is a great time to take action and move forward.

    Through powerful, pure intentions a blooming will begin to occur.  Results are on the rise as the following moon settles in, the “First Quarter Moon.”  Be aware of your personal will and utilize this, along with steady exertion of your energy, for your effort is required during this time.

    Next up, the “Gibbous Moon” phase begins to move in and more growth continues to arise as the effort being put forth is recognized.  During this Gibbous moon phases review your work and observe accomplishments or goals that reside.  Take this time to modify or perfect any areas that may need refining as momentum builds, while this cycle takes place.

    As goals and results spring to life during the following phase, the “Full Moon”, spread full awareness of the impact of the effort that has been exerted.  This phase is all about embracing full clarity, seeing in entirety the conclusion of your implemented energy.

    Occurring next, the “Disseminating Moon” is a phase in which a celebration period occurs, a time to reap the benefits of anything finished, realized, or accomplished.  Culmination takes place as you harvest positive outcomes received through given effort and energy.

    Moving forward, “Last Quarter Moon” aids in a personal release, in which all situations, thought patterns, and anything else that serves no benefit to you is let go of.  This phase calls for a decline in any negative configuration that may be happening in ones life, releasing unnecessary energetic occurrences or blockages and allowing for positive situations to naturally flow.

    Accommodated by the “Balsamic Moon”, the 8th and final phase, followed by the rebirth of the new moon, is a grace period.  Experienced by people during this Balsamic Moon is an event of reflection, resting, and recuperating.  To fully surrender while this phase is taking place would be ideal to flow with the universe as people and energetic situations naturally prepare for a new cycle.

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