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Why raise your frequency?

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The energy on the planet is changing, this is because the vibrational frequency on earth is rising. The current energetic space that our solar system has moved into has a concentration of photonic energy that is moving our planet to the next density. The earth has a magnetic field just like a human being does. Our field and the earth’s field work synergistically to create our reality. When the vibration on the planet moves to a higher frequency, everything that occupies that space must move into that same frequency. Think of the Universe as a continuous flow of consciousness. The acceleration and momentum of this energy strives for expansion.

We are one with this energy, it is an illusion that we are separate from it and when we allow this energy to flow within us in its abundance we become unique expressions of it. We are all vibrating at a certain frequency, all the atoms in your body must vibrate to create the density of your body. You are energy so your body has an electromagnetic field that surrounds and extends beyond it. Your thoughts and perception of yourself is information stored in this field. After the information is processed it is then sent out through the magnetic field into the cosmic field.

As human beings we are all connected, it is an illusion that we are separate from each other. We share the universal mind and accelerate its expansion. Human beings play a huge role in the evolution of consciousness. If we choose to raise our own frequency, this choice influences everyone and everything around us. Reality is an energetic expression of what we collectively perceive it to be. In the brain between the two hemispheres is the mid brain. The mid brain controls how we perceive our reality, after a thought is believed to be true it is then created for us to perceive it.

The best way to raise the frequency of the planet is to become the best versions of ourselves. We can do this by aligning the mind, body and spirit. When in balance it can create a harmonious life experience for ourselves and others. The most powerful thing that we can do is live in truth. It is a natural part of ourselves that allows the universal energy to flow within us. By allowing the truth to flow within us we align ourselves with the cosmic expansion.

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